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How you react to stress makes all the difference

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We are living in interesting times, stressful times! Our wellness is vital, we need optimal immune systems, mental wellness, physical wellness to be able to cope in these challenging times. We at DLC along with top professionals have developed a web app challenge that will assist your journey to optimal wellness.  We believe the this challenge is most rewarding when done from a community platform, for example family, friend, neighbourhoods, colleagues, work departments, schools or even individually.

MINDFULNESS – a great form of escapism

Hi there. I’m Brenda Whiting and Debs Stopforth has been a very dear friend of mine for many, many years.  I am humbled and feel extremely privileged to have been included in this wonderfully exciting venture that both Gina and Debs have undertaken at this time of...

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Boosting your Immune System

Boosting your Immune System

We are passionate about Boosting your Immune System through our Immune Booster Challenge at Dynamic Life Challenge. Here are some wise words from Vitagene posted in March 2020: "We are all concerned about the risk of the Coronavirus and want to protect ourselves...

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Feeling like a winner each day

Feeling like a winner each day

By Vicky Hind. Dynamic life challenge is a one month, sustainable, daily challenge program that leaves you feeling like a winner each day.  At the end of a carefully curated month of baby steps that make you feel good and grow with you as you get fitter, you leave...

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Stay hydrated in a sensible way

Stay hydrated in a sensible way

You should drink water every day. Most people have been told they should drink 6 to 8 average size glasses of water each day. That is a reasonable goal. However, different people need different amounts of water to stay hydrated. Most healthy people can stay well...

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Why is good nutrition so important

At Dynamic Life Challenge, we realise how vital good nutrition is in our every day lives. With so many new diets and eating plans out there, one can get confused as to which is the best. We often start these new plans at great expense but find they are too difficult to sustain long term. 

Adults that work full-time spend 60% of their day at their place of work. During this time, these workers will, on average, consume a third of their daily calorie intake.

Consuming a third of your daily calories eating unhealthy food can have a major impact on mental and physical health, which is why a lot of attention is turning to office-based nutrition.

Our programs aim to encourage practical, easy to implement lifestyle changes that make challengers feel better about themselves and which they can continue once the challenge is over.

There is a great deal of research pointing to how important good nutrition is to the wellbeing of workers. It highlighted, healthier hearts, better sleep, increased energy, mental health benefits, stronger immune systems and better function as the key health benefits of having good nutrition in general. 

Specific to the workplace, it is strongly noted that healthy eating increases productivity, decreases the number of sick days, increases happiness and improves employees’ overall performance.

We aim to cover all areas of the working force.

  • corporate workers who sit at their desks mostly
  • individuals that work from home
  • sales reps and people that travel
  • Shop workers and Tellers
  • Industrial workers
  • all religions

We offer simple and achievable nutritional tips to help the Challengers understand the best food choices available to them. The easiest food choices are not always the healthiest and guidelines are provided to help plan for good food choices each day.

Time management, planning and setting time aside to shop and prepare the correct foods are encouraged.

DLC also offers the added services of a dietician and clinical nutritionists, who specialise in disease and nutrition. We are able to offer talks and informative workshops around nutrition during the challenge. 

Information regarding how to manage daily alcohol and coffee consumption is provided.

Hydration is a vital part of ones daily nutritional plan and this is worked out for each client according to the Bio data that they provide on registration.

Why is staying hydrated so important?

We all know the importance of staying hydrated in summer, but most people don’t think about it during the workday. When we’re in an air-conditioned office, focusing on a million different tasks, staying hydrated often gets put on the back burner yet it’s one of the most important things we can do for our health.

Proper hydration helps boost metabolism and reduce daytime fatigue. Dehydration can lead to headaches, decreased memory and can even reduce job productivity. By the time we feel thirsty, it’s already too late.

We encourage Challengers to keep water at their desk and to take regular hydration breaks. This easily becomes a good habit and the positive health effects are amazing.

A bottle of water is a visual reminder to hydrate. For employees with desk jobs, this is the best way to stay hydrated at work. Staying hydrated can also reduce headaches that may be worsened by eye strain. Follow the Dynamic Life Challenge daily hydration guidelines that will be set out for you on our Challenge.




The human body is designed for movement, yet between sitting at your desk, driving your car, watching TV or sitting on our cell phones we can spend, on average 9.3 hours a day sitting. We move our bodies less than is needed to maintain good health. Research has linked several health concerns, including stress, and anxiety, with sitting for long periods of time.  Less sitting and more moving contribute to overall better health.  Exercise in one of the simplest and most effective means of stress management and can help decrease depression.  Regular exercise is routinely recommended to mange stress by major health organisations.

Exercise creates chemical releases of endorphin, dopamine and serotonin, which act as a natural high that relieves stress.  Other benefits of exercise include decreased muscle tension, increased concentration, improved strength, posture and flexibility, increased energy level, improved sleep, weight loss, and improved physical fitness and overall health.  Who wouldn’t want that!

Staying healthy involves being active, regardless of age.  Regular aerobic exercise lowers the sympathetic nervous systems reaction to stress, reducing the risk of many illnesses.  Resistance exercise training significantly improves strength and reduces depressive symptoms.  Reviews of yoga practise support its role as a self-soothing technique that can help regulate your stress response to both anxiety and depression.

Hopefully by now you appreciate the numerous benefits of exercise and how it can help with the rising levels of stress and anxiety. Dynamic Life Challenge is designed to help you with simple but highly effective movements incorporated into your work day. The aim here is to make these movement part of your lifestyle so that you will continue to incorporate this into your daily routine long after the challenge is over.

Feeling like a winner each day

Feeling like a winner each day

By Vicky Hind. Dynamic life challenge is a one month, sustainable, daily challenge program that leaves you feeling like a winner each day.  At the end of a carefully curated month of baby steps that make you feel good and grow with you as you get fitter, you leave...

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Mindfulness is the act of consciously focusing your mind in the present moment without judgement and without attachment to the moment. It can help us become more aware of what is going on for us internally and externally.  We become more present to the “right now”. Put most simply, mindfulness is a way to train the mind. Most of the time, our minds are wandering — we’re thinking about work, the future, dwelling on the past, worrying, fantasising, fretting or daydreaming. Mindfulness brings us back to the present moment and gives us the tools we need to be less stressed, calmer and kinder to ourselves and others.

There are many ways to cultivate mindfulness at work, from walking during the day to taking purposeful pauses when eating, paying attention to your body and its response to different situations then acting in a way that will benefit you.

Being mindful at work can help pull you out of a negative downward spiral that can be caused by too much daily stress, too many bad moods, or the habit of rumination. It can help you make fewer errors when processing your experiences. It can also help you put stressful events into perspective and build resilience so you’re less overwhelmed by them in the future.

DLC ‘s mindfulness programme is simple, effective, will not interrupt your working day but will empower you to live a more mindful state that allows you to become more conscious of everything you are doing.

Practice Mindfulness At Work Today

Practice Mindfulness At Work Today

How can you increase your focus and awareness and decrease your stress at work Stressed? So are we. From rising daily costs, job insecurity, water restrictions, power cuts, traffic congestion, increase debt, it’s no wonder that we’re the most stressed-out generation...

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Stress Management


The classic symptom of work burnout includes pessimism, increased dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and inefficiency at the job.  While you may not be on the verge of work burnout, you may be one of the growing majority of people who report that their work causes them stress. Job stress accounts for a tremendous amount of personal misery and billions of rands/dollars/pounds lost annually in productivity, wages, and medical bills.  Does it not make sense that work-stress management makes personal and financial sense?

Every job includes some built in difficulties that the worker is paid to adjust to.  Job difficulties alone do not cause burnout.  It is more the workers lack of control over the work situation that leads to uncertainty, frustration, reduced motivation, fatigue, reduced productivity and eventually burnout.

Even minor factors beyond our control can have a stressful impact.  Consider the many unexpected interruptions we are faced with daily, power outages, traffic, special meetings, emails, messages, phone calls, sick family and of course your daily commute. All of these factors add to your accumulated stress for the day.

Burnout is not caused simply by too much stress in your job.  Job-stress management in general involves finding the right type and amounts of challenge to stimulate your interest and performance without overloading you.  It also requires managing those areas of your job that are inevitably distressing. In our programs to date, stress and anxiety have shown to be the major concern in our pre-challenge questionnaires. Dynamic Life Challenge is a dynamic process over which you can exercise personal control over your work stress management in a simple but highly effective way.

Helpful Tips for Stress Management

Helpful Tips for Stress Management

Stress is everywhere and affecting everyone daily, young and old.  Most people tend to become overwhelmed and stressed out at times. Did you know that stress is actually beneficial? It gives us the boost when we need to get through situations like deadlines or exams....

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