Practice Mindfulness At Work Today

How can you increase your focus and awareness and decrease your stress at work

Stressed? So are we. From rising daily costs, job insecurity, water restrictions, power cuts, traffic congestion, increase debt, it’s no wonder that we’re the most stressed-out generation ever. This constant state of panic is giving us anxiety, causing our early demise, and wreaking havoc on our overall health. And while there isn’t much we can do that’ll immediately stop global warming, we can take small steps towards calming the noise in our heads.

Research shows that people spend almost 47% of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re doing.  In other words many of us operate on autopilot. You probably know the feeling of starting your day with a clear plan in mind only to find 9/10 hours later just a few of those priorities were accomplished, and what exactly did you do all day? You are not alone!

Work life has changed drastically, we are faced with constant digital distractions like emails, text messages, social media and more, this is a 24/7 distracted environment. Learning to multi-task has never been more detrimental to managing our attention. Now more than ever we need to learn to practise mindfulness.

The good news is you can train your brain to focus better by incorporating mindfulness exercises in to your day.

3 Simple effective tips to help boost your workplace wellness

  1. BREATH – Pause between tasks and activities, close your eyes and breath for just 5 breaths (deep, slow, full focus, notice your breath, let it full your whole body). Notice the calming.
  2. ONE THING AT A TIME – Multi tasking is inefficient. Set out your tasks, plan your work, remove distractions  and take breaths in between each task. 
  3. STRESS IS YOUR FRIEND – Change your view of stress, when you encounter a stressful situation at work, take a moment to reflect on your reaction, your heart rate, your blood pressure. Having your pulse increase increases the oxygen in your blood and gears you up of a challenge ahead.

How to work most effectively

People these days seem to be perpetually exhausted. Overwhelmed with a never-ending task list, they don’t sleep well and can’t enjoy their week-ends or their relationships. This miserable and highly ineffective way of working is a vicious circle, yet for many has become the new norm.

Reverse the trend – of working faster, harder, longer…

This is because people tend to respond to rising pressure and increasing demands by working harder and longer. This approach may work in the short term but it is not sustainable in the longer term.  We are seeing that now with declining levels of engagement and soaring levels of distraction and inattention. The old ways of working are simply no longer a fit for a 24/7 work environment.

Boost your energy, positivity and performance

Tony Schwartz (the founder of The Energy Project explains that the problem with working longer is that time is a finite resource but asserts that energy or capacity is not. It can be expanded and renewed. When people fully understand this and take responsibility for managing their own capacity by practicing new behaviours that expand energy and avoid energy depleting behaviours; they can sustain themselves and work much more effectively.


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