Hi there.

I’m Brenda Whiting and Debs Stopforth has been a very dear friend of mine for many, many years.  I am humbled and feel extremely privileged to have been included in this wonderfully exciting venture that both Gina and Debs have undertaken at this time of great uncertainty in our country and in our world.

I feel sure that we are all feeling anxious and a little afraid from time to time as we move into the complete unknown right now.  ITS A NEW JOURNEY TO NAVIGATE WITHOUT A GPS OR GOOGLE MAPS.!!

Being forced into spaces (literally) and situations that are unfamiliar is certainly presenting some challenges for my family,  who are so used to rushing around filling each waking hour with some new task or exciting adventure. And this is likely the scenario for most families.

However, I cannot help sensing that this COMPULSORY time together is facilitating a necessary shift in the way we conduct our lives..our relationships and our recognition of gratitude for our many many blessings.

And this is where I once again would like to emphasise the importance of mindfulness.
You’ve all heard this word being rallied around of late..it seems to be the latest fad. But actually mastering the simplicity of MINDFULNESS is a great form of escapism..takes us away from all the negativity that we’re being bombarded with all the time.   Try this out, this beautiful Sunday morning:
As you wake up think about the things you can hear, feel and smell BEFORE opening your eyes…
a bird singing outside
a gentle breeze shuffling the autumn leaves
or the smell of clean sheets pulled up under your chin.

Now why not make the rest of the day  PJ day….the kids will love this one!  And as your Sunday draws to a close, light a candle and gather round to talk about how you are REALLY feeling.  And listen to the little ones…their wisdom is profound!

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for spending your precious time with me.  I pray for light. love and blessings to you all…please be safe.


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