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Core Programs

Think of our core programs as road markers on your journey to being fit and healthy for life. Each program includes a nutrition, mindfulness and exercise component and is designed to meet you where you are at on your health and fitness journey.

What is important to remember is that all our core programs are personalised specifically for your body type and fitness levels and exercise preference. We get you on your bike, on the road, in the water or working out at home – it’s all about what works for you! We can also design a unique program for you from scratch to meet any specific challenges you face or goals on your horizon.

This is what makes Dynamic Life Challenge so powerful!

Are you ready to start your journey in healthy & fitness?

Great! We have got the perfect solution, just for you!

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7 Day Intense Detox | R560

The intention of this Intense Detox is to help you to reset your daily eating habits.

The focus is on enhancing your body’s natural detoxification system and improve your overall health.

 Promotes improved over sense of well -being
 Helps to clear unwanted toxins
 Promotes weight loss
 Improves sleep patterns
 Encourages good hydration

5 Day Cleanse | Just R500
Juice Revolution Cleanse | From R1,150

5 Day Cleanse Plan - A great way to reset your body!

The cleanse focuses on good fresh wholefoods and helps you get rid of those unwanted toxins. It’s designed to give your liver a break in order to retain some energy and motivation to live a healthy life.

We also offer juice cleanses from JUICE REVOLUTION. Please contact us directly for more information on their 3, 5 and 7 Day Juice Cleanses.

5 Day Plan | Just R400

5 Day Winter Detox - Soup, Smoothie & Squat Challenge!

If you haven’t tried a detox yet, this gentle winter detox is a wonderfully comforting and deeply nutritious way to shed unwanted water-weight (along with some real weight) while setting a precedent for sustained healthy eating into summer.

With protein, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals, this plan provides so many nutrients to sustain you each day. Combined with the squat challenge, this detox delivers huge benefits in just 5 days:

  • Improved energy
  • Relief from constipation
  • Resolved headaches, muscle aches and fatigue
Don’t be afraid to give it a try!
7 Day Plan | Just R850

Gut Health Plan - 7 days to a healthier you!

Fatigue, brain fog, inflammation of the joints and/or body, constipation, diarrhoea, depression, anxiety, mood disturbances and weight gain have all been linked to having unhealthy microbial imbalance. These imbalances can be remedied by following a Gut Health Plan.

Our gut health plan is easy to follow and only lasts a week. You can repeat for an additional week if necessary. We cater to all dietary preferences and include options for Vegans and Ovo-Vegetarians.

The plan aims to remove inflammatory foods such as gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, sugar, alcohol and soya that may be creating a problem right now and includes prebiotic, probiotic and loads of anti-inflammatory foods.

For more info download our PDF on Why do a Gut Health Plan?

28 Day Plan | Just R2,600

The healthy way to lose unwanted weight!

The 28 Day Women’s Healthy Weight Loss Plan has been created to help improve successful weight loss, increase energy levels, restore hormonal balance and support overall health and vitality.

A 4-week progression meal plan has been designed to help your body detox initially. Certain food items are taken out over the first few weeks and slowly re-introduced over the four weeks.

Body Conditioning Program | R2,200
Lifestyle Maintenance Program | R3,250

Body Conditioning Program (4 Week Body Conditioning Program)

First 7 days of intense detox to reset your daily eating habits by introducing a nutrient filled eating plan.

Final 7 days with a strong emphasis on how to watch correctly and “maintain” a feeling of well-being and optimum performance.

Included in are body conditioning exercises / training programs specific to your sporting and fitness needs as well as a mindfulness program focused on Relaxation and Meditation as well as 2 x Life Coaching sessions.

 Body cleanser
 Lose weight
 Increase well-being
 Establish eating plan for optimum health & performance
 Health and Fitness conditioning

Lifestyle Maintenance Program - 6 Week Intense Detox Cleanse & Lifestyle Maintenance

A 6 week program offering mindful eating practices that guide portions and correct food choices. Focus on which are the best foods for our bodies optimum health and performance. Focus is on speeding up metabolism and eating the right foods to keep us feeling energised on our daily lives. Included in this are exercises / training programs specific to your sporting and fitness needs as well as a mindfulness program focus on developing techniques for Stress Release.

Relaxation and Meditation techniques are developed and 4 x Life Coaching sessions included.

 Body cleanser
 Lose weight
 Increase well-being
 Establish eating plan for optimum health & performance
 Develop techniques, strategies and training plans for specific goals

8 Week Performance Booster for Serious amateur Athletes | R3,850

Performance Booster (8 Week) Dynamic Performance Booster for the serious amateur looking to break their personal records and achieve a feeling of overall health and well being.

A program designed to include all areas of detox; cleansing and maintenance pithing the meal plan program. Mindfulness plays a positive role in the mindset behind daily performance.
Exercise plans are designed for the specific goals of the athlete.
Emotional Intelligence Techniques are developed and developed along with 6 x Life Coaching sessions

 Overall health and well being
 Set and achieve personal performance records and goals
 Develop a strong mindset towards determining achievement and success

12 Week Peak Fitness & Goal Performance | R5,300

A 12 week program specifically tailored to a person training or aiming for a specific goal or to reach their peak fitness. A nutritional focus for optimum energy and well being. Sports nutrition tips for training and race day and strong mindful focus will assist athletes in achieving their goals and achieve peak performance. A variety of exercises will form the focus of achieving overall strength and condition for the athletes specific sport goals.

8 x Life Coaching sessions included.

 Peak fitness plan
 Strong focus on perfecting all areas of mind and body strength and conditioning.

Dynamic Individual Program | POR

This program will be uniquely designed to suit your fitness level, nutritional requirements and personal goals.

If you feel like none of the above programs match your needs, ask us to design a program incorporating nutrition, mindfulness and exercise specifically for your goals and intentions.

Don’t see a program that suits your specific needs?

Contact us now so that we can design you your own UNIQUE and INDIVIDUAL program!

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