By Vicky Hind.

Dynamic life challenge is a one month, sustainable, daily challenge program that leaves you feeling like a winner each day.  At the end of a carefully curated month of baby steps that make you feel good and grow with you as you get fitter, you leave with a new mindset to food, relaxation, stress management and exercise. They teach an achievable life balance. The major upside is a renewed energy and enthusiasm and positivity that spilled over into my work environment and home environment. A happy colleague who feels good about themselves interacts well with others and happiness spills over into all spheres of life.

Dynamic life Challenge is the brain child of Debbie Stopforth and Gina Malherbe.  Little did I know when I visited Debbie and asked her to hold me accountable to my exercise goals each week, that I would very luckily be the first person to test out their Dynamic Life program.  This program is incredibly well thought out. Each day you receive a set of challenges – Exercise, Nutrition, Hydration, Mindfulness.  They are bite size, easily achievable and digestible. To keep you accountable, you log in to your profile each day and tick off each challenge you have or have not achieved. There is also a spot to add a comment about how you felt about a particular challenge. Your challenges for the week are also sent to you by email a couple of days in advance so you can always have them on hand and plan ahead.

There is an element of fun on this challenge. You can sign up with your friends and you all do the challenge together each day. There is a chat section which you can use to motivate each other or have a few laughs if things get tough. Once you have selected whom you are going to do the challenge with, a ladder is created and the person with the highest percentage of tasks complete sits at the top, down to the lowest percentage of tasks complete at the bottom. This is also great motivation as no one wants to be at the bottom of a challenge!

Lastly, the most fantastic and special part of this challenge is the constant personal encouragement you get from Debbie and Gina. Every day there is a mindfulness message. If you are battling, they are encouraging, if you are going away, they are adapting. They keep their eye on you personally every step of the way. The programs are extremely well thought out, a huge amount of effort goes into the smallest detail and their enthusiasm keeps you going.

I really could not have asked for more, this one month has changed habits and changed my lifestyle. I could not be more thankful.




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