As this year gets going, now is the time to start with with good nutrition habits that will see you through 2020.

As we head off to work in the mornings, drop the kids at school armed with the best lunch box options we can find, we are often not prepared to feed ourselves correctly for our busy day. We hit the coffee straight away and then hope to last until we fetch the kids again and can find left overs in the fridge for a bite when we get home. Sound familiar!!!

Key here is to be prepared for your day at work by having a list of what is healthy and energy producing. By being prepared with the right meals and or snacks, we avoid hitting that sugar low and diving for the “quick fix” take away foods or chocolates which give us instant energy. Sadly though, as quick as these foods with artificial ingredients and sugars pick us up, they drop us just as quickly and often have us scrambling for more before we know it. It is vital to try to sustain your energy levels throughout the day with the right foods that feed out energy and concentrations levels. Here are a few foods to keep stocked at home to pack and take to work to snack on during your working day. These are nutritious and keep your energy levels up.

Nuts and seeds; Fruit; Biltong; Quinoa; Avocado; tuna; baby potatoes (sweet potato better). everydayhealth.com has some super tips on keeping sugar levels constant.

Key message here to to have a shopping list and to have all foods available at the beginning of the week for the entire week ahead.


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