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Why did we design this Dynamic Web App?

We are inspired to energise and motivate people

We ran a one month community based exercise Challenge

Being monitored and recorded brought out their competitive nature.

The results were astonishing!!! 

Motivated I Accountable I Competitive I Enthusiastic

Hungry for more of the same type of Challenge. Saw the need to help companies motivate their workforce through simple, effective and achievable tasks during their working day that helped improve important areas.

Taking this highly effective and simple concept into the work place

On average over a third of our time is spent at work during the week so our program is:

Achievable and habit forming

Competitive (Departments and Individuals can watch each others progress)


Offers Life Health skills and habits beyond the working day

Individualised (Challengers fill in their personal and confidential Bio Data. This offers specific hydration and exercise goals)


DLC is a simple yet highly effective web app based program that boosts companies employees and helps create a positive, energetic and motivated workforce.

The key focus is to RESET LIFESTYLE HABITS which will in turn contribute to an increased sense of wellbeing.

We do this through an achievable initial 4 week challenge which is specifically run during a work day from your desk, helping to improve the areas of:

Nutrition, movement, stress and anxiety, breathing techniques, mindfulness and hydration

Our Vision is to empower people to be accountable for their health and wellbeing.

Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life.

DLC’s mission is to reset lifestyle habits, in a simple yet effective way.  Our goal is to introduce daily health and wellness habits into a workday, making them achievable for an entire workforce;  from the person that travels, or sits at their desk all day, to the factory worker and the person at a till.


DLC’s core value are


DLC’s challenge will encourage employees to strive for self-improvement,  grow in  personal development and with these simple changes in  lifestyle habits enrich their lives to be better prepared for the daily task ahead

Embrace teamwork

The DLC challenge will enable challengers to have the skills to foster healthy, respectful relationships within their teams improving their own performance. We are committed to achieving the best results with a positive attitude


Live well embrace wellness, nothing can happen without it


We value the ability of our challengers and encourage success


We conduct our business with the highest level of honesty, professionalism, fairness, dependability and ethical standards. We hold ourselves individually and as a team, accountable to these values






Debbie Stopforth – Founder

I am a person who is simply passionate about health. I am also hugely interested in helping others achieve their health goals and know through my studies, current profession as well as my personal experience, that simple and achievable goals are the answer.

I majored in Sports Science at Wits University. I worked as Product Manager for a pharmaceutical company who focused on diabetics . I then studied nutrition so that i could help the diabetic patients with their eating programs. I ran my own business as an exercise consultant and nutritionist seeing private clients at first. I then moved into Call Centres, starting with Discovery Health, assisting these Call Centre agents with their movement and nutrition plans whilst they were at work each day. 

I am a qualified swimming coach and an aerobics instructor and moved to cycling in my early thirties. I love cycling and balance my own private sporting week with a balance of cycling, gym, palates and yoga. I am also a Bike Fitter and follow the Body Geometry method of fitment (BG FIT). 

In a nutshell, I love motivating people around the benefits of health and wellness. It is such an important part of ones life and if done correctly, can be sustainable and hugely beneficial. Dynamic Life Challenge is all of the above in one App. On working with Gina to design the DLC App, my life ambition to positively influence people in the right approach to holistic health has finally become a reality.

Gina Malherbe Stewart  – Founder

For the past 20 years I have been in the corporate world of property development, focusing on developing small industrial factories on what were the outskirts of Cape Town. During this time, I realised that I was becoming increasingly more and more stressed trying juggling life.

10years ago I decided to empower myself to learn the skills I needed to help myself through this busy time, this is where my wellness journey began. I embarked on  a course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), (Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which provides ways to understand how people do what they do, and how to upgrade what you do, when you’d like to do better). I then went on to complete courses in Hypnotherapy, which then led me further to qualify as a wellness coach. Wellness coaching promotes mindfulness, self-awareness, personal growth and professional development.

I am an adventure endurance athlete; I love to push myself harder and further with each goal I set for myself. To embark on such adventures, I have learnt to have resilience, consistency, be organised and brutal with myself and most importantly I need to be present.  I relate to these qualities not only in my sport but my everyday life. I use my NLP, mindset and mindfulness techniques to understand the importance of mental and physical preparation as well as the need to develop positive beliefs in order to successfully achieve each goal.

My vision with Debbie and DLC is to make us, as individuals accountable for our health and wellbeing, embrace the difficulties/stresses we face daily, and learn the simple skills to reset our lifestyle habits.  When we are well in our bodies, mind and spirit we function optimally and can achieve our full potential.


Tanya Dale –  Nutritionist

I am a dietitian (MSc Diet) and clinical nutritionist (dipl.) who has a special interest in health and wellbeing.  I use a functional medicine approach to help bring balance back into my client’s life.  The knowledge I share with clients, allows them to make informed decisions and helps them to make better choices to improve their outcomes be it in health, wellness, stress reduction, well-being etc.

Over the years I have worked as a Cordon Bleu Chef, personal trainer, pilates instructor, consulted to Brookdale Health Hydro and Riverview Manor (a depressive, addictive and eating disorder unit). I obtained my Master in dietetics in 2017, lectured for UKZN and I currently own my own private practice called H.E.A.L.T.H.

My 5 key values are:

Trust: Being able to trust is very important as it builds rapport between me and my client. Holding the space and being non-judgmental, allows you to share your values, beliefs, goals etc. with me which will help us move forward together as a team.

Teamwork: It is important you and I work as a team while addressing your health and wellbeing. Doing this journey alone can be quite daunting but taking one action step at a time and being accountable to those steps, improves outcome and gives you the strength to move forward with more energy and determination.  In my program, I get to understand you in your lifestyle (looking at functional medicine approach) and what your main concern are. We then decide on a plan that best suits your vision or goal, this may include a meal plan or structure or we may address emotional eating or other areas of concern.

Honesty: My work is backed by scientific research and by many years of experience.  I provide scientifically backed information and techniques to my clients with the understanding that one size does not fit all. 

Growth: Many of us find change hard and we know that change is required to help us grow.  Learning about yourself, and changing old habits and beliefs that are not serving you well, requires time, effort, love, space and compassion. If a client is looking for long term success, then developing a plan of action and implementing that plan, may help that client reach their desired outcome and help with their growth. 

Valuing your life: Many people do not see the value in life. Through my sessions, we look at your current values, beliefs and goals to determine the best outcome for you. You may find that your current beliefs and thoughts about yourself are distorted and destructive.  With the right tools and knowledge, we can develop a plan that is conducive to creating a healthy body and mind.  







Our Web App based program that BOOSTS companies employees and helps to create a positive, energetic and motivated workforce through simple, effective and achievable tasks.

The key focus is to RESET LIFESTYLE HABITS which contribute to an increased sense of wellbeing. Take a look below at some of the goals and tasks. 





Take up the Dynamic Life Challenge

Corporate Challenge:

On average over a third of our time is spent at work during the week so our programme is:

  • Achievable and habit forming
  • Competitive (Departments and Individuals can watch each others progress)
  • Incentivised
  • Offers Life Health skills and habits beyond the working day
  • Individualised (Challengers fill in their personal and confidential Bio Data. This offer specific hydration and exercise goals)

Why is DLC unique and Effective?

Initial 4 Week Personalised program

Interactive, designed to suit your company’s requirments. Habit forming to last beyond the program.  

Nutrition Programs

Optimal Food for optimal performance

Boost Employees Wellbeing

Reset lifestyle habits which contribute to an increased sense of wellbeing, manage stress, adopt good healthy behaviours


Simple Effective Exercise Programs

Excercises are quick, effective and done at your desk.

Achievable Goals

Mental Strength

Expert Solutions to elevate your mental wellbeing

Breathing Techniques

Mindful Approach 

Increase your ability to regular emotions, decrease stress, anxiety and depression



Data Feedback to Management

Cost Effective

We boost employees to challenge themselves and their colleagues over a measured period of time 


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